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Arma 3 Police Car Mods caeraf




Hello all.. I'm currently trying to build a mod for Android Police Car (just for testing and teaching purposes). I am new to Android development and I can't find an example of how I can initialize a new xml layout using a class. I have the following code in my Main Activity that creates a text view and changes the text from "getTextView" (a text view that I declared in a XML layout file) appreciate the reply. Can you explain further? Is the code above correct (as in, is it formatted correctly for Android)? I can't find any example code anywhere. Thanks, A. Ok, after looking at the example code you gave, it is very much doing what you want it to do. However, to remove a widget from the main window, you have to set the tag of the widget to null. There are two ways you can do this. The first is this: I'm sorry, but I don't see any problem. You are right, I didn't set the tag to null, but how is the layout reference being cleared out? I don't get it. Also, I'm not sure where you want to use it in your case, but I thought this code was a bit easier to read and work with than referencing it in your main activity. What is the better approach? So far I like the way you are doing it better. can't find any example code anywhere. Thanks, A. It is called an Android example. A Google search for android example should reveal several results. As far as references to other posts, I agree that it would be a lot easier to have them all in one post so it is easy to find a specific topic. Well, that's why I posted this question. I wanted an example of how to build an entire layout using the class, rather than adding the code for each widget one by one in the activity. Maybe I should clarify my question and change the title to be more specific, instead of wanting an example of all the xml layout. I'm sorry if I wasn't specific enough ok the code works, but I think I have another question. How do I set the text to show in my first textview after it is changed by the first text




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Arma 3 Police Car Mods caeraf

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